The Girl from Cairo : A Memoir

The memoir is the author’s early life in Cairo, Montreal, Boston and Manhattan, from 1940 to 1963. It is a riveting story of an Armenian girl born and raised in Egypt, her trials and tribulations, her anxieties and desires. She describes her life in Cairo through WWII and two Middle Eastern wars. In her boy-crazy youth, she yearns for a fairy tale life of marrying the man of her dreams.

This is the story of a young rebel, trapped in age-old cultural stereotypes, who escaped the life planned for her. The story of a young woman creating her own word and achieving an impossible dream.

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ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781664133815  |  Price: $17.99

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ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781664133822  |  Price: $3.99

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Xlibris Corp (October 8, 2020)

Of Julia and Men

The story of Julia Chamoun, a young Lebanese woman, and her men. After a failed first marriage, she is engaged to Jean Claude, a Swiss banker, and accidentally runs into an old flame whom she had met during a year-end trip to Morocco. A seething love affair ensues, and she is torn between her love for the two men who both want to marry her. The banker offers her a stable future, but she is rather doubtful about a future with the younger Luis. Her exhausting double life goes on for a few months until she falls pregnant unbeknownst to both men. Julia is in a dilemma and, in desperation, turns to her first husband, whom she happens to meet on a trip up the Nile.

The story starts in Egypt and takes twists and turns through Morocco, Europe, and the United States.

Price: $11.37
ISBN-13: 978-1949472721
Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group (September 3, 2018)

Collection of Short Stories

Thirty quirky short stories of life’s experiences interjected with honest yet playful sexual overtones and perception about love and attraction. Peggy Hinaekian’s observations on human behavior are spot on, as she travels the inner thought worlds of a fascinating combination of men, women and even animals. Bravo to Peggy for illuminating the human psyche from a spectrum of viewpoints from Old Word European to modernistic—and a variety of ages. A wonderful tapestry of tales from the heart and soul.

Price: $14.99
ISBN-13: 978-1646206827
Publisher: Writers Republic LLC (November 13, 2020)